Concept Sim-CAR 2060


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Sim-CAR 2060 aims to provide an unparalleled automotive driving experience to the driver. This concept vehicle focuses on promoting safe driving through engaging and entertaining methods. In order to do so, the project relies on a set of technologies that will allow the driver to utilize their vehicle to access a multitude of technologies which includes a built-in mixed reality driving simulator.
To highlight Sim-CAR’s values, the vehicle will be single-seated solely electric driven and will fall under the sports car category due to its racecar-like characteristics. The compact powertrain and instantaneous power delivery help provide thrilling driving dynamics and styling. The car will run on airless tires that rely on flexible spokes to provide unparalleled levels of stability and grip. It will benefit from electronically controlled aero surfaces to change between high and low downforce configurations aero adaptability. To keep it at optimum performance the vehicle will have a self diagnosis program to detect faulty parts, that will allow the owner get help instantly.

Sim-CAR’s built-in driving simulator aims to increase the driver’s driving skills. It is also a tool to encourage the driver to vent off their urging desire for speed in a virtual environment or they’ll be able to take lessons under the guidance of a virtual assistant. This technology relies on the vehicle’s active suspension, and an Augmented Reality set up programmed to create a mixed-reality environment. This will allow for highly dynamic driving situations for learners and experts varying from canyon roads to race tracks.

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